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Competition Policies


Type: Free Article : News

ref: 1200869-91

N0:1 of 2008

Pages: 69-91


The chronicle is dealing with the analysis of international competition news. At the EU level, the chronicle deals with the draft legislative package on a settlement procedure for cartels, the CFI judgment of September 17, 2007 upholding the Microsoft’s fine (case T-201/04), the Commission Decision of November 28, 2007, sentencing members of the flat glass cartel to a fine of more than € 486 million, the Guidelines on non-horizontal mergers and the Notice relating to the effective implementation of Commission decisions ordering Member States to recover unlawful state aids. Member States news are also addressed such as the adoption of a new leniency program in Belgium and an important reform of Spanish competition law. At the national level, two cases are noteworthy: the Devenish/Sanofi-Aventis case of October 19, 2007 in England on private enforcement and the case of the Düsseldorf Appeal Court of October 4, 2007 on long-term gas supply contracts in Germany. At the international level, the chronicle deals with Guidelines for international merging companies in Israel, the new leniency program in Russia and the ultimate fining of a graphite electrode cartel member in Canada.

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