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The Opening of the French Electricity Market to Competition : a Revolution is Underway

Author: Vincent GUERARD / Vincent TREVISANI

Type: Article

ref: 22003123-156

N0:2 of 2003

Pages: 123-156

Three years after adopting the Law of February 10, 2000, the assessment of
the process for opening the French electricity market appears to be
paradoxical. Despite the limited percentage of market opening required by
law, which is, however, gradually increasing, competition on the French
electricity market has become a reality thanks to the diversification of
the offerings of electricity suppliers to eligible customers, the
independence of the public electricity transmission system operator and the
vigilance of the Regulatory Commission for Energy. The adoption of the Law
of January 3, 2003 liberalizing the French gas market reinforces this
opening at a time when the prospect of complete liberalization of European
energy markets is on the horizon.