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Chronicle of Private International Law Applied to Business

Author: Yasmine LAHLOU et Marina MATOUSEKOVA

Type: Article : News

ref: 22009215-238

N0:2 of 2009

Pages: 215-238

French law: law governing distribution agreements, employment agreements, and breach of commercial relationship –mandatory laws in the field of sub-contracts – conditions for applying foreign mandatory laws – jurisdiction in the field of the warranty for hidden defects and third party joinder - jurisdiction in the field of copyright infringement via internet and of insolvency proceedings – choice of jurisdiction clause and mandatory laws – conditions for invoking choice of jurisdiction clauses – privileges of jurisdiction

Community law: EC Regulation n°593/2008 (Rome I) on the law applicable to contractual obligations - EC Regulation n°1348/2000 and notification of acts –EC Regulation 1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings –Brussels Convention and Regulation 44/2001 – jurisdiction in the field of exclusive distribution, sale, issue of shares, service supply and employment agreements– derivative grounds of jurisdiction and plurality of defendants - derivative grounds of jurisdiction and warranty claim - choice of jurisdiction clause – lis pendens - recognition and public policy – recognition and EC Regulation n°805/2004 creating a European enforcement instrument