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Touching upon China's Partnership Law: Some Critical Aspects for Foreign Businesses

Author: Xiaoyang ZHANG

Type: Article : Actualités

ref: 22017171-182

N0: 2 de 2017

Pages: 171-182

China’s Partnership Law is a noteworthy piece of legislation basically equally applicable to those foreign partnerships which carry on business activities in that very country. Perhaps in the eyes of foreign businesses, similar to the circumstances in many other jurisdictions, such a statute also well ascertains the appropriateness of flexibly making use of this sort of business organization on the basis of common interests, complementary expertise and mutually beneficial cooperative relations. In this respect, certain key issues embraced by China’s Partnership Law deserves particular notice from the standpoint of foreign businessmen bracing themselves for establishing a less troublesome presence in the China market, should they tend to choose partnership as a relatively reliable structure for their business operations.