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The Expected Benefit of CIS PPP Model Law

Author: Bruno DE CAZALET

Type: Article

ref: 2201797-114

N0:2 of 2017

Pages: 97-114

The CIS Model PPP law is the only existing PPP Model law today and as such but overall as it has been drafted based on best practices and acknowledged international standards, it is very useful. The CIS Model law working team has in addition selected some of the improvements and innovation proposed by UNCITRAL experts working on a universal PPP Model law which unfortunately could not be achieved. The assessment of the CIS Model law shows a “Very High Compliance” compared to best international practices, and ranks far ahead of all the CIS countries based on 2011-2012 EBRD Assessment. There is no doubt that the PPP specialists of the of CIS countries and members of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly who have actively participated in the drafting and adoption of the CIS Model law can greatly assist in the improvement of each CIS countries PPP legal and institutional framework, and that the CIS Model law can also serve as an example even far beyond CIS countries. The CIS PPP works are however not completed yet. The Commentary has been approved in May 2016 and still at the EBRD initiative the CIS model PPP law will be supplemented in the frame of a second project phase with a series of “enabling tools” aiming at the guidance of the legislators and also of all PPP stakeholders for setting up an appropriate enabling environment for elaborating and implementing PPP projects in the context of the Model Law, following the successful completion of the first phase of the project.