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The New Polish Arbitration Law of 2005

Author: Jerzy RAJSKI

Type: Article

ref: 32006351-370

N0:3 of 2006

Pages: 351-370

- Scope of Application of the New Law
- Domain of Arbitration
- Submission to the Arbitration Court (Arbitration Agreement)
- The Competence of the Arbitration Court to Rule on its own Jurisdiction and the Separability of Arbitration Clause
- Effect of the Arbitration Agreement
- Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal
- Arbitrators
- Appointment of Arbitrators
- Challenge of Arbitrators
- Withdrawal or a Revocation of an Arbitrator
- Termination of the Arbitrator's Mandate and Appointment of a Substitute Arbitrator
- Remuneration of Arbitrators
- Arbitral Procedure
- Place of Arbitration
- Basic Structure of Arbitral Proceedings
- Evidence
- Experts
- Interim Measures
- Applicable Law
- Arbitral Award
- Settlement
- Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award
- Recognition and Enforcement of an Arbitral Award