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Chronicle of Private International Law Applied to Business

Author: Yasmine LAHLOU & Marina MATOUSEKOVA

Type: Article : News

ref: 32008384-403

N0:3 of 2008

Pages: 384-403

Private International law applied to business: Domestic law : conflicts of laws in the field of employment contracts and torts – mandatory laws in the field of sub-contracts – jurisdiction in the field of employment contracts and torts committed via internet – recognition and due process rights – effects in France of the foreign judgment opening insolvency proceedings.

Community law : Regulation 1346/2000 and centre of the debtor’s main interests – new Lugano Convention of 30 October 2007 – Brussels, Lugano Conventions and Regulation 44/2001 – scope of application of those conventions in the field of arbitration and actions that do not directly arise from insolvency proceedings – jurisdiction in the field of employment contracts, service supplies and insurance – derivative grounds of jurisdiction – choice of jurisdiction clause – recognition and public policy.