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Competition Policies


Type: Free Article : News

ref: 42008523-544

N0:4 of 2008

Pages: 523-544


The Chronicle is dealing with the analysis of international competition news. A study is dedicated to the analysis of the Düsseldorf Appeal Court new case law related to an acquisition in the German gambling sector. At the EC and European levels, the Chronicle deals with the ECHR decision Ravon v. France dated February 21, 2008, the Commission decision dated February 27, 2008 fining once more Microsoft, the white paper on private enforcement, the TPI order dated March 8, 2008 concerning Aer Lingus and Ryanair merger and new procedure rules in State Aids. Member States news are also addressed with the House of Lords decision dated March 12, 2008 regarding the Ian Norris’s extradition, the publication by the German competition authority of four model texts on remedies in merger control and the French proposals of the Coulon Commission report. At the international level, the Chronicle deals with the draft bill aiming at introducing criminal penalties in Australia, the reform of the fine policy in Turkey and the merger thresholds review in the USA.

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