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Airtours : the Aftermath


Type: Article

ref: 52002477-510

N0:5 of 2002

Pages: 477-510

Mergers:The Recourse to the Concept of Collective Dominance, a More Difficult Exercise - Systematisation of the criteria - Prospective Analysis and Consequences Concerning Evidence - The Control of the Assessment of Collective Dominance, a More Effective Exercise - The Commission Did not Show the Absence of Effective Competition Between the Members of the Alleged Dominant Oligopoly - The Commission Underestimated the Competitive Pressure of Small Tour-Operators, Potential Competitors and Consumers - The Commission Did Not Assess Correctly the Impact of the Transaction on Competition / The After-Effects of the Airtours Judgment - The Test for assessment: "Dominance Test Versus Competition Test" - Structural Reform.