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Perspectives of ASEAN (or Asian) Principles of Contact Law


Type: Article

ref: 52005573-591

N0:5 of 2005

Pages: 573-591

- « ASEAN (or Asian) Principles of contract law », myth or reality?
- - Reminder of the influences of the historical and socio-economic context of the regulations which govern contractual relations in southeast Asia or elsewhere
- - Realities and limits of a « common obligational identity » in southeast Asia

- Brief Analysis of selected « Principles of ASEAN (or Asian) Contract Law »
- - Fundamental and general principles
- - Principles governing the formation of contracts
- - Principles governing the execution of the contract

- Proposal for an Action Plan for the Study, the Compilation and the Diffusion of the « ASEAN Principles of Contract Law »
- - ASEAN or Asian Principles of contract law as a factor of regional legal harmonization of contract law in southeast Asia
- - ASEAN Principles of contract law as a tool for facilitation of international trade with southeast Asian countries
- - The draft proposal on « ASEAN Principles of contract law » could be promoted within the France/ESCAP cooperation agreement