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Mesurer le droit? Ou plutôt l'évaluer? Quelques réflexions sur les limites méthodologiques des rapports Doing Business (in French only)

Author: Bertrand du MARAIS

Type: Free Article : News

ref: 52006675-679

N0:5 of 2006

Pages: 675-679


As the IFC (World Bank Group) publishes its latest Doing Business 2007 report, including its global ranking of legal systems according to the ease of doing business index, the “Attractivité économique du Droit” (Economic attractiveness of Law) Research Centre released a research demonstrating the Doing Business’ methodological flaws. Some are so deeply embedded into the Doing Business methodology that they prevent this index to be robust. This research also criticizes the very goal of this measurement. It concludes that it is more interesting to assess, on a comparative basis, the economic impact of legal instruments rather than superficially ordering them.


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