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Competition policies


Type: Free Article : News

ref: 52008655-676

N0:5 of 2008

Pages: 655-676


The Chronicle is dealing with the analysis of international competition news. A study is dedicated to the French competition law reform (LME Draft). At the EC level, the Chronicle deals with the Evaluation Report of the Motor vehicle Block Exemption, the international removal and sodium chlorate cartels Commission decisions dated March 11 and June 11, 2008, the methionine cartel ECJ judgment dated May 22, 2008, the ECJ judgment of March 6, 2008 condemning Spain on the E. ON/ Endesa case and the new general block exemption on aid for jobs and growth. Member States news are also addressed with the continuation of the Marine Hoses case in United Kingdom, the admissibility of damage claims in the cement cartel case in Germany and the revision of the pre-merger control thresholds in Italy. At the international level, the Chronicle deals with the consultation on the Canadian leniency program, the Norwegian merger control reform, the OECD Roundtables on dynamic efficiencies in merger analysis and on unilateral conducts, also studied by the ICN.

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