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Competition Policies

Author: Nathalie JALABERT-DOURY, Laurent NOUVEL & Delphine LE MAREC

Type: Free Article : News

ref: 62007801-812

N0:6 of 2007

Pages: 801-812


The chronicle is dealing with the analysis of international competition news. At the EU level, the chronicle deals with the 4 July 2007 European Commission Decision fining Telefónica for abuse of dominant position in the ADSL market, the first intervention of the European Commission as amicus curiae before the Appeal Court of Paris (judgment of 7 June 2007, SAS Garage Gremeau c/ Daimler Chrysler), the CFI judgment of 11 July 2007 ordering the Commission to pay damages (case Schneider/Legrand, T-351/03), the Commission Decision dated 27 June 2007 vetoing the merger between airlines Ryan Air and Aer Lingus. Member States news are also addressed such as proposed reforms of merger control in the UK and a semi-criminalization of the Swedish antitrust law. Finally, at the international level, the chronicle deals with the new Chinese competition law adopted on 30 August 2007 and the OECD report on remedies and sanctions in abuse of dominance cases.

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