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International commercial arbitration in the Czech Republic.

Author: Vit MAKARIUS

Type: Article

ref: 62011615-628

N0:6 of 2011

Pages: 615-628

In this article, the author describes the Czech lex arbitri, which is centered around the Czech Arbitration Act, entered into force on 1 January 1995. After having presented the sources of the Czech arbitration law, the author reviews the requirements applicable to arbitration agreements. He then turns to the arbitral seat and applicable law issues and presents the rules applicable to the constitution and jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal, as well as the termination of its mandate and the conduct of arbitral proceedings. Finally, the author addresses the forms of recourse that are available against awards existing under Czech law and the conditions for the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. The author concludes that the Czech lex arbitri largely reflects the principles on which the model laws rely and creates a favorable climate for arbitration.