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SMEs and Access to Credit in the French-speaking Countries Of sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Christian GAMALEU KAMENI

Type: Article

ref: 62015507-516

N0:6 of 2015

Pages: 507-516

Whatever field they operate in, SMEs, just like public large companies, play a significant economic and social role in the French-speaking countries of sub Sahara Africa. Accordingly, they contribute to the development of these countries. The important position of SMEs in the economy of the French-speaking countries of sub Sahara Africa reveals the question of their financing. So, can the mechanism of granting credit allow the SMEs to act effectively for the growth and economy of these countries? The funding of SMEs in the French-speaking countries of sub Sahara Africa is very much a current issue. The analysis of the question shows that in sub Sahara Africa particularly in French-speaking area, SMEs have difficulties obtaining credit. The difficulties are connected and independent of SMEs. To resolve these difficulties, it is necessary firstly to publish accounting records and juridical information of SMEs, secondly to overhaul the banker’s liabilities in their relationship with bankrupt companies and thirdly to overhaul public policies of financing SMEs.