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Governance of Transnational Groups: What are the Stakes? What are the Challenges?

Author: Patrick-Hubert PETIT et David CHEKROUN

Type: Article

ref: 62016617-651

N0:6 of 2016

Pages: 617-651

The issue of transnational group governance goes beyond the challenges for groups themselves. Groups play a primordial role in today’s world. They are suffering from a lack of legitimacy along with growing defiance on the part of public opinion and authorities. This is particularly due to repeated accusations of responsibility for tax evasion that weigh on transnational groups. However, in reality, deliberate tax evasion corresponds only to the strategies of some of the largest transnational groups, including the Internet giants. With ever-growing demand for transparency, the growing number of norms and regulations at various levels (local, regional and international), and the development of ethical rules, transnational groups are facing more and more challenges. It is for this reason that the question of governance is decisive. It is vital to take a step back in order to define the shape this governance must take for the various transnational groups in order to combine economic efficiency, transparency and ethics.