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Author: Eric LOQUIN

Type: Article

ref: 62017501-514

N0:6 of 2017

Pages: 501-514

This special issue of IBLJ focuses on the findings of a symposium held at Besançon University in November 2016 and directed by Professor Filali Osman. It addressed the future perspectives and developments of the new French Law on contracts as a law applicable to international arbitration. It deals, in particular, with the reception by the new French Law of contracts of UNIDROIT Principles, the general principles of lex mercatoria, the Principles of European Contract Law, the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods as well as recently drafted and redrafted foreign laws. The aim is to shed light on the competition between Civil Law and Common Law in the choice of the applicable law to the merits of the dispute in international arbitration.