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Competition policies

Author: Nathalie JALABERT-DOURY

Type: Free Article : News

ref: 82002923-934

N0:8 of 2002

Pages: 923-934


Anticompetitive Practices: Roquette Frères Judgement, Member States Courts Control Over Dawn Raids Decisions / Merger Control: Schneider/Legrand and Tetra Laval/Sidel, Higher Standards of Proof - Due process, Alignment on the Rules Applicable in Other Fields of Competition Law - Scope of Control, Conglomeral Effects can be taken into Account but under a High Standard of Proof / Independance of National Merger Authorities, Parallel Evolutions / United Kingdom, the Enterprise Act is Now Promulgated / France, Draft Guidelines on Trade Negociation / United States, the Unsuspected Interest of American Procedural Rules / Best Practices EU/US in Merger Cases.

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