Professeur émérite à l'Université Paris X Nanterre

Avocat à la Cour, Associé

Jeantet & Associés, Paris, France

Henry Lesguillons was appointed assistant to Prof. Pierre Henri Teitgen at the University of Paris, at the end of his University studies. Encouraged by Jean Monnet and his former Chef de Cabinet from the ECSC High Authority, François Fontaine he was involved in setting up the Centre Universitaire d'Etudes des Communautés européenes and the Commission d'Etudes des Communautés européenes. The common purpose of these centres which regrouped all the French law faculties was to collectively promote the teaching of European law. Agregé in 1970, Henry Lesguillons was first appointed Professor at the University of Tours, and then in 1982 nominated Professor at the University of Paris - X Nanterre. During his University career Henry Lesguillons taught both European Community law, and International Trade Law (GATT/WTO). A frequent guest lecturer at foreign Universities, he regularly lectured as visiting Professor in Washington DC. In 1975 he started the Revue Trimestielle Droit et Pratique du Commerce International, which in 1985 became known as the International Business Law Journal (a bi-lingual journal published 8 times a year). And at the same time he acted as co-founder of the Fondation pour l'Etude du Droit et des Usages du Commerce International, regrouping academics and practitioners. Since its inception the Foundation has organised a large number of symposiums (International contracts, Bank guarantees, Eurocredits .....). The papers from these symposium have all been published. Henry Lesguillons is the author of a number of books including the leading guide to International Contracts (7 volume loose leaf publication edited by Lamy), and a 2 volume loose leaf book on European Anti-Dumping and other Trade Protection Measures also published by Lamy. He has also written numerous articles relating to European law, competition law and International Trade law, and is a regular conference speaker. In parallel to his academic career, Henry Lesguillons acted as external counsel to Clifford Turner, and then Jeantet et Associes. He has also acted as ICC arbitrator, as mediator and ad hoc arbitrator in international disputes. Following his call to the Paris Bar in 1991, Henry Lesguillons became a Partner of Jeantet et Associes, where his practice spans most all aspects of European Union and International Trade law. He has wide experience of European competition law, whether notifying mergers (notably for clients in the sectors of automobile, chemical and construction materials) advising complainants bringing cases to the Commission, or defending respondents in relation to investigation by the Commission both during the administrative phase and before the European Courts (recent cases have included tractors, cement, plaster). His European law practice also includes State Aid and Public Procurement work, notably filing complaints against Member States for failure to comply with their Treaty obligations. In the field of International Trade Law, his practice has involved assisting companies in securing adequate access to markets under the free trade provisions of European law (distribution of jet fuel at airports, distribution of cement via silos ....). The practice group has also advised on the Helms-Burton and d'Amato laws, and has advised a Trade Association and the French Government on the compatibility with the GATT of a common market organisation scheme. The Group has also followed a number of anti-dumping procedures in the areas of silk, chemicals and fertilisers. More generally Henry Lesguillons and his Group advise clients on developments in International Trade law and regulation.