Useful Links

  • Conférence de la Haye de droit international privé

    Website of the Hague Conference on Private International Law.Texts of the Hague's conventions

  • Institute of international commercial law

    Pace database on the CISG and International Commercial Law

  • Juris international

    Juris International is a multilingual collection (English, Spanish, and French) of legal information on international trade

  • Juriscope

    Organization for the harmonization of business law in Africa ( statutes )

  • Les autorités fédérales de la Confédération suisse

    International Treaties page, click on the treatie's Html version to obtain the ratifications and the date of the entry in force

  • Légifrance

    Gateway to French law, all treaties in which France is a partie + selection of main international treaties


    Unidroit conventions