Useful Links

  • American Arbitration Association/AAA

    ADR's rules and procedures, practical guides and models, codes of ethics...

  • Association pour l'arbitrage international

    The Association for International Arbitration works towards promotion of ADR in general and Arbitration in particular, as a means of dispute resolution . Very usefull to find the national or international sources in arbitration.


    International Chamber of Commerce, international court of arbitration


    International Center for Settlement of Disputes bilateral investment treaties, ICSID cases and ICSID rules ( "basic documents")


    Permanent court of arbitration, all documents are in English, French or Spanish, comphensive presentation of the Court. Something specific : environmental dispute resolution. An exhaustive links list.


    ICANN is a non-profit public benefit corporation under California law in the field of Internet domain names, Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution rules

  • ICCA

    The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) is the leading world-wide organisation devoted to promoting international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution : publications, conferences...


    Bibliographic website from the publisher of annual proceedings of the FORDHAM corporate institute


    Comprehensive gateway from the ICCA Yearbook Commercial Arbitration

  • London Court of International Arbitration/LCIA

    Exhaustive links list ( in particular the text of the conventions and national arbitration institutes and laws ), arbitration model clauses (9 langages).

  • Mayer, Brown,Row & May

    Very Good web site specialized in arbitration. Model arbitration clauses, investments treaties, arbitral awards and national court decisions.


    World Trade Organisation's dispute settlement, information on the DSB (dispute settlement body )

  • Serge Braudo,

    Legal information on arbitration

  • WIPO arbitration and mediation center

    WIPO Guide and rules to arbitration , mediation and domain names