n0 3 of 2019

Kholofelo KUGLER The World Trade Organization's Appellate Body Melee: How Did We Get Here?
Laurent HIRSCH, Rupert REECE et Roxane REISER Expert Witnesses in International Arbitration
Dr Rabaï BOUDERHEM The Legal Connection of Trading Companies in European Comparative Law
Léonor JANDARD Critical Analysis of Certain Aspects of the Legal Regime in the Party-Arbitrator Relationship
Marie-Andrée NGWE Analysis of the state of Arbitration in Africa
Aileen TRUTTMANN Book Review II
Aurélie CONRAD HARI Book Review I
Saadia BHATTY et Alix DEFFRENNES The Democratic Republic of Congo adopts Revised Mining Code
Antonio MUSELLAet Živa FILIPIČ Briefing

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