n0 5 of 2019

Stanyo DINOV Banks as Financial Intermediators and their Role in the Market for Synthetic CDOs in the Pre-Crisis Years (2000–2007)
Patrick PATELIN The Law on Rural Lands in Argentina
Marc BUNGENBERG The Multilateral Investment Court—Royal Road or Dead End for the EU Legal Order?
Tess PICKARD et Jean-Thomas BRIERE Women’s Place in Arbitration: Actions to be taken to enable Women to fully invest their Place in Arbitration
Payel CHATTERJEE and Sahil KANUGA New Age Arbitration—Let the Journey Begin!
Laurent HIRSCH, Jeremy LACK et Birgit SAMBETH GLASNER New Swiss Rules of Mediation from SCAI
Aksel DORUK et al CISG: Case Law Relating to the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

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