n0 5 of 2021

Nelly Géraldine NYIA ENGON The Proportionality of the Guarantee: Comparative Law Study in OHADA Law French Law and German Law
Hamid Reza YOUNESI The Pursuit of Stability in International Petroleum Contracts: the Role of Stabilisation Clauses in Minimisation of Disputes
Minh Hang NGUYEN, Trung Nam NGUYEN, Cong Anh Bao HA The Application of the CISG in Vietnam in the Last Four Years: is the Devil You Know Better Than the Angel You Don’t Know?
Arun KASI NVOC/Freight Forwarders’ Bill of Lading: An Anathema to Carriage of Goods by Sea?
Neels KILIAN A Practical Explanation of Ethical Director Appointments: Case Law Examples from South Africa and Australia
Maturin PETSOKO Exploitation minière, droits humains et développement durable
Patrick Juvet LOWÉ GNINTEDEM L’Organisation africaine de la propriété intellectuelle (OAPI) en marche

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