n0 6 of 2019

Djamila LARABI International Settlement
Henry LESGUILLONS Contemporary Efforts to Reduce Litigation-Related Risks
Vincent EGEA Mediation, Arbitration and Time Sensitivity
Gaston KENFACK DOUAJNI OHADA and Improving the Business Climate in Africa: Impact of the Uniform Act on Arbitration and on Mediation
Ali BENCHENEB The Reception of the Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Notions by Algerian Law
Eric LOQUIN Notions of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration
Filali OSMAN Concluding remarks on the contribution of alternative dispute resolution methods to the improvement of the business climate
Mohamed Mahmoud MOHAMED SALAH The Protection of Public Interests in Mediation and Arbitration
Smahane AKHOUAD-BARRIGA and Thomas CLAY Recognition and Enforcement of Amicable Agreements
Yves NOUVEL The Effectiveness of Arbitral Awards in Investment: The Interest in the ICSID
Ahmet Cemil YILDIRIM Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Commercial Arbitration: How Effective?
Mostefa TRARI-TANI Arbitration and Procurement Contracts: New Achievements for Improving the Business Climate in Algeria
Mohammed LALLEM Some Practical Problems Arising from the Reception of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Algerian Public Procurement Law
Denis MOURALIS Experience of the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration Paris (CMAP)
Oumar BAH The Publication of Common Rules for Mediation and Arbitration in OHADA law
Cyril NOURISSAT Mediation and Arbitration: What Legal Effectiveness?
Walid BEN HAMIDA The Economic Efficiency of Alternative Dispute Resolution Modes: The Alternative Justice Market
Sébastien MANCIAUX Mediation or Arbitration for the Settlement of Investment Disputes: Rivalry and/or Complementarity?
Irina GUERIF What does the Standard Contract contribute to the Promotion of Arbitration?
Chiara GIOVANNUCCI ORLANDI Dissemination of Common Rules on Mediation and Arbitration as a Means of Promoting ADR Methods and Improving the Business Landscape

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