n0 6 of 2021

Edouard-Robert AQUEREBURU L’inadéquation du droit applicable aux startups dans l’espace OHADA
Michel TROCHU et Giang Bui DUC Vietnam: Legal Framework Relating to Leases of Land in Industrial Zones and Secured Lending, Foreign Investors and Banks are Advised to Exercise a Certain Level of Caution
Leah BUENCAMINO et Niall MEAGHER The Advisory Centre on WTO Law (ACWL): 20 Years of Assistance to Developing and Least-Developed Countries
Alipak BANERJEE et Payel CHATTERJEE Repeat Arbitral Appointments: A Review of the Indian Law under the Lens of Halliburton v Chubb
Tayo OKE Case Study of Nigeria’s Investment and Securities Tribunal: Tribunal as a last Resort in Adjudicating Market Failure
Pascale ACCAOUI LORFING ICSDI Award: Eco Oro Minerals Corp v The Republic of Colombia
Arnaud DE NANTEUIL Confirmation of the Incompatibility of Arbitration on the basis of the Energy Charter Treaty with EU Law (CJEU: Republic of Moldova V Komstroy Llc)
Nathalie JALABERT-DOURY et al Competition Policies

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